Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ta Done List

Drowning. How many of you have felt like you can't catch your breath? Things that need to get done fill your lungs like droplets of water, and all you can do is hold your breath, praying that you will reach the surface before you drown.
That's how I feel. Some days I am okay. I go throughout the day, getting things done like a task master, checking those items off my list, feeling good, calm, accomplished. Other days are like today.
The thing that is easy to forget is that, as a mom, there are about a thousand things we do everyday that go silently unnoticed. When people think of stay at home moms, they think we stay home, eat lots of food, watch tv, read books, veg on the sofa, and don't do a thing. Even I am guilty of this, and I am a STAY AT HOME MOM!!! I don't know if it is an inherited thing, or if it's something the world has convinced me of, but I feel like I don't do anything, when really, I am constantly on the move and doing tons of things.
My dear friend, Jewel, has had me write a few "ta-done" lists. It's amazing to go back and start remembering all the things that felt like unimportant things, are actually important, and wouldn't have gotten done without me.
Here's my ta done list for today, and it's 10:30 am, so I've been up for 4 hours now.
Get Holland out of bed.
Get Holland bottle.
Change Holland's diaper.
Change Holland's clothes.
Gather laundry.
Put sheets in laundry.
Help Hesston wake up.
Give boys cuddles.
Give boys bathtime.
Get boys dressed.
Switch clothes from washer to dryer.
Fix breakfast.
Feed boys.
Empty clean dishes from dishwasher.
Load dishwasher with dirty breakfast dishes.
Wipe down kitchen tables, counters, and stove top.
Clean out sink.
Switch clothes in laundry.
Put Holland down for nap.
Put sheets on bed.
Remake bed.
Go upstairs and open blinds
Turn on air conditioners
Help Hesston make his bed
Make sure Hesston has quiet toys to play with while I get ready
Take a shower
Get ready
Check my email
Read a friend's writing
Watch a training video
Check out the online seminary teacher website
Write a blog post
 And here I am!!!

That's my ta done list, only 4 hours into my day.
Now I'm catching my breath. I'm not drowning any more. Sometimes all it takes is a little ta done list to affirm that you've done a lot already, and everything is okay. What about you? Have you made a ta done list? Could it help you catch your breath too?